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Refinery 29

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5 Things to Know this am

The Showt

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The Showt – Repurposing Your Rubbers!

Here at The Showt, we may play dirty, but we always play safe.  We don’t see the purchase or use of condoms as anything to be embarrassed of.  In fact, when buying our “baby baggies”—magnums of course—we always puff out our chests proudly.

Recently, we came across designer Maggie Kervick’s line of bags, which she produces in partnership with Lifestyles ®condoms to support the “I’m Covered” campaign.  While the bags, made of sheets of vinyl fake condoms, are targeted for an empowered female audience, we thought that the small cosmetics bag, one of her three designs, would make the perfect toiletry tote for a recent trip.  In fact, when we went through security check with particularly handsome security personnel, we were disappointed when they did not go through our bag…it would have made the perfect ice breaker!

Maggie Kervick is aligned with Answer, an organization dedicated to safe sex education.



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LifeStyles Facebooks’ BagsByMags


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New Handbag Promotes Safe Sex!


Future In The Bag

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Future In The Bag

16-year-old recognized for success in business

Coastal Monmouth Reporter, By Vince Miller – Staff Writer: A good idea and business in the blood can take a girl a long way. Maggie Kervick is only 16, but her successful 2-year-old handbag business has earned her honor as Young Entrepreneur of the Year. It started when the Ocean Township High School junior was in Ocean township Intermediate School and attended sports events. She had the idea of taking the interesting T-shirts from games and sewing them together to make handbags. The first one took her three days to hand sew. Her friends at school admired her work so much they asked her to make handbags for them, said her father, jim Kervick, a business manager at Kraft Foods. “I tell my workers, ‘I can teach you a lot of things, but I can’t give you that fire in the belly,’ ” he said. “Maggie has that fire in the belly,” Jim Kervick said. So, he decided to buy his daughter a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago. “On my next trip to New York with Maggie, we bought ‘I Love NY’ T-shirts,” he said. “When we got home, Maggie would make handbags out of those T-shirts on her new sewing machine.”

Maggie Kervick said she sold so many handbags at school that year she didn’t have to look for a job that summer. Then she took a course in accessory design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she learned new techniques to make them look more professional. I learned so much and met some incredibly talented people,” she said, “I hope to enroll at FIT after graduating high school.” In considering a name for her new business, the younger Kervick thought of Baggys by Maggie and MK Bags. But the name that stuck was bags By Mags, which she operates from home in the Wayside section of Ocean Township. New Jersey Association of Womens Business Owners honored Maggie Kervick as its top young entrepreneur at a banquet Jan. 26. Jim Kervick said his daughter is a natural. On trips to New York, she has impressed merchants so much so , they often would sell her fabric at discount prices”, he said, “one merchant sold her $300 worth of handbag straps for $30.

“She’s incredibly focused and disciplined,” Jim Kervick said. he said his daughter may have inherited some of her creative flair from his late mother. She decorated the window of Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s stores in Manhattan. “A year after Maggie Kervick made her first T-shirt handbag on the home sewing machine her father gave her, she received another gift”, he said.  “A cousin, Howard Walter, closed his Asbury Park business, Rebecca Fashions, and gave Maggie Kervick his industrial sewing machine and fabric”, Jim Kervick said.  Both machines now are in her work room in the family’s basement.

“I am a perfectionist and become upset when I feel a bag could have been done better,” she said, “Nothing is more rewarding than when you are frustrated at the end product, but the buyer can’t believe how good the bag is.” Kervick’s mother, Randi, said her daughter holds handbag parties twice a year. Prices are $13 for wristlets, $35 for handbags and $20 for shoulder bags. “She arranges the house like a boutique and sells her handbags. If someone wants a custom-made bag, she’ll make it,” Randi Kervick said.

Maggie kervick is saving the money she is earning and reinvesting it in her business. “My dream is to enroll at FIT and learn how to be a real professional,” she said. Anyone interested in a handbag from Bags By Mags may e-mail or call (732)918-8669.

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One-Of-A-Kind Accessory

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One-Of-A-Kind Accessory

15-Year-Old Maggie Kervick Has Got It All In The Bag

By Maggie Kervick: Last winter, I started my own hand-bag business. I started by making bags out of old T-shirts by hand-sewing them together. That would take me three days. I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year. My mom kind of knew how to use it and I just kind of taught myself. It got a lot quicker. I sold more than 35 bags and made enough money so that I did not have to work during the summer. This past summer I decided to take a course in accessory design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan (where I dream of going after graduating high school). I had an absolutely remarkable experience. I learned new techniques on how to make bags, perfect my bags, and make them look more professional. I learned so much and met some incredibly talented people. It truly was a mind-blowing experience. The past couple of months I decided to take what I learned and use it. First, I came up with a name for my business. I considered names such as Baggys by Maggie and MK bags. Finally I decided to call my business Bags By Mags.

My cousin used to own a factory in Asbury Park. It closed down 20 years ago, but he still kept all of his fabric, machines, etc. When he heard of my interest in the business he offered to give me all the extra fabric. I created a book of fabric swatches. i showed it around school and had people create their own bag. It was a huge hit and so far I have sold about 17 bags. I mostly sell wristlets ($13) and shoulder bags ($20).

I am a perfectionist, so I get upset with myself when I feel a bag could be done better. I have such a passion for the handbags I make. Nothing is more rewarding than when you feel frustrated with how a bag comes out and the person who buys the bag gets so very excited and can’t believe how good the bag is. Last month, I had my first big event showing my bags at my friend’s mother’s “pocket party.” Making a person happy is what motivates me. Making bags inspires me to consider what possibilities lay ahead for me. Being able to take my talent and make a business out of it – is extraordinary.

Maggie Kervick, 15, of Wayside is a sophomore at Ocean Township High School. People interested in ordering a one-of-a-kind bag from Bags By Mags may e-mail her at To arrange an appointment include your name and telephone number.

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