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Designer Maggie Kervick stumbled upon her love for accessories by accident when she was fourteen years old.  After a trip to New York City she decided to hand sew an “I Love NY” tee shirt into a tote bag.  After wearing the bag to her high school, she found herself with forty orders.

Maggie decided to learn more about handbag construction and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Summer Live program where she learned basic construction.  With the understanding of three different silhouettes, she carried around a book of swatches and allowed her consumer to choose the style, outside, and lining fabric.  After a year of learning what her consumer demands were, Maggie decided to throw home parties.  She would construct 55-75 handbags and throw a handbag party.  This allowed her to show her creativity as well as reach new audiences.  During her high school career she was honored by The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners and received an entrepreneurial scholarship from the McKelvey Foundation

Maggie decided to put the business on hold while she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she recently graduated. 

Maggie’s mission is to empower women to use condoms and teach women how to correctly use them by providing an informational pamphlet as well as free box of condoms as a gift with purchase.  Her campaign is “I’m Covered” and hopes to break down the stereotypes that if a guy has a condom he is considered prepared, but if a girl has a condom she is considered a “Bad Girl”. She wants her bags to be identifiable to all women because no one is invincible to AIDS or STDS.

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