Our Mission

Our mission is for this bag to empower women to carry and use condoms. In today’s society, if a guy carries a condom he is considered prepared, but if a girl carries a condom she is considered a “Bad Girl”. I want this bag to break down those stereotypes because no one is invincible to any of the risks of not wearing a condom.  The statistics on AIDS, STD’s, and unwanted pregnancy in the United States are staggering.  I want this bag to give women confidence to stand up and say, “Not only is my bag made of condoms, but there are condoms inside, and we are using condoms.”  The bag is a great conversational piece and it will relay the message to on lookers that she is confident, responsible, and protected. Our cuase is aligned with “Answer”, an organization dedicated to educating on safe sex. Join the “I’m Covered” campaign today and help educate your peers.